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Our group coaching program

will help guide you to

where your powers dwell. Learn

tools to own the new chapters

in your story and become

empowered to bring your

best self forward.

Find inspiration in our group coaching environment with likeminded women. Connect and become inspired by women from all walks and stages of life.


You have the tools to pick and choose! Gain access to education webinars and events that will enhance and support your desire to learn and do soo much more.

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Book a Quick consultation 

Enrollees gain immediate access to:

Text: BOOK

to 321-878-8587

  • Butterfly Tribe private Facebook group

  • Discounts on Gem Spot digital products

  • VIP access to GB events

  • Discounts on WNI merchandise

  • VIP Access for all webinars

Schedule a call! 

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The beauty of VIP! New enrollees have immediate access to the Powerful Purpose Group Coaching program on demand. This private YouTube channel aims to help women on their journey to find their powerful purpose. Your VIP access features: Weekly video messages from Coach GB, self-guided learning tools, Webinars, and interviews with successful women from various industries. These women share their stories, advice, and strategies for achieving their goals and living a fulfilling life. Through their experiences, you can gain insights and inspiration to help guide you on your journey to your powerful purpose.


Book a quick call

Text: BOOK to


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