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Just keep swimming!

Breathe out, count to 8, turn your head to the left to take in more air, and breathe out for 8 more and repeat! These were my father's instructions while teaching me how to swim. I had to keep my head down in the water and slowly blow my air out then, count for 8 seconds, turn my head to come up to take in more air and repeat. I did this while cupping the water with my hands to move it past me so I can be propelled forward. On top of this orchestra of movements, he told me to kick my feet as swiftly as possible but, with very little splash behind me. I clearly thought he was insane or that maybe he somehow was trying to make me an honorary Marine with these exercises. As I think back, and reflect on the movements, he was teaching to use my body simultaneously to avoid over exertion. When I mastered his instructions-and it took some time; I was able to glide through the water effortlessly, counting in my head my strokes before taking a breath so I didn't get tired, and my feet did the driving.

This fond memory came to me as I revisited my path to entrepreneurship. It all looked so easy but, I had to be shown all the moving parts, even the ones you don't see at first glance. There was a since of anxiety when I stared at the list of things that needed to be done before jumping out there to say; "Hey guys! I'm a business owner and you should come check me out!" Even after reading about what not to do as a small business, I was still overwhelmed with all that I should be doing. I became a habitual dreamer with nothing moving but my pen on a piece of paper and several spiral notebooks to revisit "the plan". There was little action behind my thoughts because obviously, I had more dreams and visions to write down...and plan for. Being unorganized is the devil (as my grandmother would say). You all know the saying- come on, let's say it together: "An idle mind is the devil's playground". I'd been swinging and seesawing way to long with old Lucifer.

I began to use my father's swim techniques as my motivation to get going. First, I had to get in the water (request my TIN), secondly: I had to get at least waist deep to start my swim (register my fictitious business name). Ok, I'm chest deep and ready to lean into my strokes...or am I? I start thinking about what could possibly be out in the open water with me, what if there are jelly fish or sharks? I created my own stumbling blocks and I allowed fear to paralyze me in the water for a moment then, I realized...fool, you're in a swimming pool! Most of the time, we have to get out of our heads and our way. Once you get in the water, go waist deep, you can lean into your first strokes, count your rhythm, take a breath, kick your feet and you'll be gliding through the water but, you have to first, get in the water!

We all have our fears about getting started. Once you start moving, you'll find that it gets better with every stroke, breath and kick as you swim towards your reality of living in your dream of owning your business and sharing your passion with the world. It sounds cliche but, get out of your own way! Lean in, head down, hands cupped and started kicking. Swim like you've never swam before.

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