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Let it End!

I can't believe I'm doing it again! Here I am creating something new! I'm fully invested in the planning, preparation, and strategy. The decision to start has never been hard for me. As I prepare my white board with the colorful recordings and projections of what is to come, I plan for it all. I've planned for everything...except the ending.

Forecasting the needs and outliers that can affect the results, the ultimate outcome, but I didn't forecast an ending. An injunction of sorts that will catapult the plan, the project...the dream into another direction. One plan can end so another can begin. This could very well take on a completely different form and require new commitments. A new willingness to let somethings end so the mind space and efforts can feed that new thing.


Why is it hard to let go of something we've created? When we are in our creative spaces, we fail to realize that we are the author of these stories. Is it the mere thought of the time, efforts, and possibly the money spent that makes us want to resuscitate what has morphed into something new?

It's strange because, we do not try to hold onto the sun to avoid the sunset. We are fully prepared for the day to end. Groups of people flock to the shore at the predicted time to witness the artistry of the end of a day. We do not think twice because this is beyond our control. We embrace the sunset so we can bask in the beauty of the new sunrise.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we should trust the foundation of our creations with a commitment to grow and develop with our businesses aka our creations. If you are lucky, you'll be committed to your passion, and your dreams.

Let it end so something remarkable can begin!

Powerfully yours,

Coach Gayl Benson

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