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Motivated Movements

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

There is a level of comfort within the protection of your tribe. Your immediate support group which is most likely your family and friends. You can just about guess what the responses and replies will be when asking a question or presenting scenarios to them. This is comforting when you feel those responses will fit your narrative when seeking encouragement, optimism, support or inspiration. There is a level of apprehension when we think about talking to people, we aren't so familiar with. We deal with fear on so many levels when we are unsure of how to trust our gifts. We fear our village (family and close friends) won't understand our vision or support us and we fear the thought of approaching strangers who could potentially reject you all together.

The biggest mistake we often make is having a belief that those closest to you will rally around you with support and interest in what your vision looks like to you. Those types of assumptions will drive you into a cycle of disappointment. I understand it's hard not to feel disappointed but, try not to take the lack of interest or support personal. The more you focus on your goals and your business, the less time you will spend trying to translate the disconnect into a connection or support.

If you make a point to spend time with yourself and your gifts, your power source will ignite and the path of how to get things done will become clearer. When you connect with who you are and how your gifts will make a way for you in a room full of perfect strangers...your outlook will change, and your drive will shift into gear. If you talk with any seasoned business owner, their story will most likely not begin with "my family got my business off the ground". Once you realign your mindset to win, win, win, no matter what- the right people will be placed in your path but, you have to do the work.

I focused on 5 things to keep me motivated and moving closer to my dreams and business aspirations. I am sure there are more points of focus but, the following have worked for me since launching my business and sharing my vision with the world.

  1. Acknowledge that fear is not an anomaly. One of the things you can factor in when starting a business-or something new is fear. What you have to remember is why you started? Your why is your motivator whether it's a passion project, lifestyle change for you and your family or just a paid past time. The why will be the driving force behind moving past apprehension and fear. Your why should activate your superpower! Fear can be a debilitating emotion. We have to choose whether to feed it or adjust our mindset and focus on positive thinking. Whichever you choose, the choice is yours!

  2. Discovering your superpower is a little more than chanting activation and your strengths explode onto the scene and all fear is gone. This step takes spending some time with yourself. Be willing to wear a transparent slip with yourself about who you really are and what sparks your interest and fans the fire inside of you. I am talking about the-you that no one really knows. Not the social media you but, the-you that wonders if life can really change if you just ventured out and threw all caution to the wind. The-you that asks if you have what it takes. Yes- that you! Invite that person to be present to join you with your superpower and take over the world!

  3. Make room and time to focus on your gifts. Having a routine is pivotal in business. It's far too easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. When establishing a schedule, be sure to include time to focus on your creativity-your gifts. Spend time in that place where you feel excited to explore your ideas and write them down. Journaling is a good way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. Spend quiet time, allowing yourself time to stay engaged with the parts of you that get lost in the hustle.

  4. Get uncomfortable! You will not achieve new results with the same old habits. We have to get out of the box we've allowed ourselves to be in. Climb out of the cardboard, plastic, steel or concrete box and be ok with feeling uncomfortable. We were all uncomfortable with many things in life that we now enjoy or learned from. Envision yourself on the other side of the task, goal or situation. Visualize the success, feel it and embrace the feeling of accomplishment. It can be very real if you allow yourself to go on the journey.

  5. Stay motivated and moving! We've all heard the saying "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take". If you are not motivated to get on the court, you won't be present to take the shot. We all need motivators in life. Take time to find a mentor (an expert in their field) who is a good listener, who will take interest in your growth and give you constructive feedback. If you are motivated, you will continue to move forward. Whether it's 5 steps or 10 steps ahead- YOU ARE MOVING! Strive for progress not perfection.

Congratulations on staying motivated! You are moving! Give yourself grace while moving closer to your dreams. You have what it takes! Don't just chase your dreams. Catch it, embrace it and live in it!

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I love this ❤️

Gayl Benson
Gayl Benson
May 17, 2022
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