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Stop! In The Name of...Fear!

Updated: Jan 16

How Fear Stops You From Achieving Greatness

I think it's safe to say we all see ourselves doing great things. There's a lot to say about what we envision in our minds. Do we believe we can achieve the life and accomplishments we see for ourselves? Would you believe that the thoughts on the other side of those dreams are what's stopping you? To achieve greatness, you have to be willing to grow as an individual and improve yourself. Great! Step number one has been defined; now how do we do this? First, you must be willing to expand your skill set and align yourself with experiences that can improve this skill set. This means that you cannot be afraid to challenge yourself, take reasonable risks, and step outside of your “comfort zone.” If you are fearful, you will not reach the greatness you can achieve.

Many people are fearful and hesitant to step outside of their “comfort zones,” preferring to do things that they are familiar with. They prefer to do activities that will most likely render favorable results; and stay in fields where they are comfortable. There is no fear of failure if they are functioning in an area in which they know they excel. Few people prefer to step outside of those zones to try something new, handle new, etc. for a few reasons. One reason is that they fear they will not do well with the new activity or challenge. They stop in the name of fear. Those fearful thoughts have put the brakes on many great ideas, inventions, and roadmaps to survival.

A second reason is fear of embarrassment because other people may see them struggle with this new activity or challenge. How do you serve fear it's walking papers while learning to navigate your new mindset of believing in your ability? I'm glad you asked. Here are three steps to help overcome the fear of embarrassment.

  1. Approach the challenges with the understanding that you are in the learning phase of how to achieve your targeted goals.

  2. Do not hesitate to go back to the drawing board. Remember when you were a kid, and your drawings didn't come out quite like you planned? We didn't think twice before erasing the flawed parts of the sketch before perfecting it. We were proud of our creations, even with the dull grey eraser marks visible on the paper.

  3. Remain consistent with your new habit of believing in yourself. The more you do this, the consistency will become persistence and that can easily become your new normal. Be persistent in achieving your goals. You are most often closer to greatness than you know.

A third reason is that they fear ridicule from people because they struggle with this new activity or challenge. I have battled this type of fear myself. In my experience, I reminded myself that I was altering my journey and delaying my progress by worrying about people who have not crossed the threshold of achieving their dreams. This is the time to re-evaluate your circle. When you align yourself with like-minded individuals who are goal-driven, your fears of ridicule become opportunities to learn from people who have been successful in growth, development, and empowerment.

Fearing taking on new challenges or activities for any of the above reasons or any similar reasons only keeps you from achieving the greatness you are capable of. By not challenging yourself with new tasks, you will be unable to grow as an individual because you will not learn any new skills to add to your skill set. You will continue to excel and be productive in your comfort zone and you won’t expand your skill set to grow as an individual and possibly be even more productive and capable than you currently realize. By not taking on new tasks or habits, you will never know how talented you are in those new areas.

Fear can stop you from achieving greatness because it hinders your growth as an individual and prevents you from learning more about yourself and increasing your skill set and abilities to handle various tasks and challenges. By being willing to overcome that fear and challenging yourself with new tasks and challenges that get you out of your “comfort zone,” you can grow as an individual and be able to achieve greatness. Fear is an invisible barrier any of us can walk through. If you are ready to take steps to tap into your greatness and walk through the invisible wall, schedule a call with Coach Gayl Benson by clicking the logo below. Get ready to "Tap into Your Power"!

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